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The Image Sport Online Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity for you to make some extra money while promoting your sport or organization. We provide you with a hyperlink and promo code to distribute to any potential customers including family, friends, and colleagues. Your commission and the customers discount will equal 25% of the total sales-for example if you would like your customers to receive 15% off apparel then your commission will be 10%. We will provide you with a marketing package and suggestions to help promote the link and promo code, therefore generating more sales. The more people that purchase product, the more money you will make, so promoting the hyperlink is very important. You will receive an order report and check once a month, or at the end of your selling term if you choose to do the minimum 30 day term.

Affiliate Program Marketing Suggestions

1)  Send the hyperlink out in an email blast to as many potential customers as possible, and encourage them to forward it to anyone they think may be interested (family, friends, colleagues, teammates)

2)  Display the hyperlink on high traffic websites including your club/organization's website

3)  Challenge each person to forward the email to at least five new people (a quick and easy way to extend the email chain)

4)  Promote the hyperlink on social media sites emphasizing the promo code (facebook, twitter, Instagram)

5)  Attach the link in any newsletters, brochures, or regularly scheduled email blasts

6)  Post signs in high traffic areas (see marketing package for sample signs)

7)  Continue to promote your promo code throughout the duration of your selling term and send out a reminder as your term deadline approaches in order to maximize sales


Online Affiliate Agreement

Contact  Chris Petersen at 800-919-0520 x 205 for more information/sign up.